Ockette (ockette) wrote,

I like Nexus food. It's the best!  (Only when I know who's cooking it.) I have an alternate.  (Several. I only like the children, though Doctor Watson, from the Shop seems intelligent.) × I have future children.  (Just one current one.)
I fear Nexus LOL.  (Usually, nothing but trouble.) Going into the Nexus is the best place to get free stuff.  (Food, supplies, test subjects....) × I met my significant other in the Nexus.  (No, but I brought him there.)
All of my friends are in the Nexus.  (These days? Yeah. Even Mark, I only see through the Nexus these days.) × I don't care what happens in the Nexus. It's someone else's problem.  (Sometimes.) × I've only been to one part of the Nexus.
I've met an inanimate object in the Nexus that actually turned out to be sentient.  (Far too many. I dread meeting a sentient syringe.) Something that happened in the Nexus changed my gender.  (And I looked just like Mark.) I've gotten in arguments over the effects of Nexus LOL.
* * * * *
× I've had my age regressed/advanced because of the Nexus. × I died and went to the Nexus. Some kinda afterlife this is! I've met a deity in the Nexus.  (Many.)
× I am a deity. I've been in the Nexus for six months. I have more friends in the Nexus than my own world.
I've been in the Nexus more than a year. My stalker/abuser/murderer has shown up in the Nexus. I've invoked someone.
I got LOL'ed in the Nexus and all I got was a lousy t-shirt. × When Secrets are posted, it fills me with a sense of dread. Nothing good ever comes from them. × I have more than one spouse as a result of the Nexus.
The Nexus made me pregnant. I'm addicted to my PINpoint. I've gone to the Nexus to avoid doing things in my homeworld.
× I've gone to the Nexus to avoid someone. The Nexus lets me carry out my evil plans.  (>,>) I'm a better person because of the Nexus.
I've met dead people in the Nexus. × I'm Spartacus! My pet(s) came from the Nexus.  (Some of them.)
× The Nexus shortened my pregnancy.  (No, my own body did that. Damn midgetism.) × Talking Nexus animals scare me. × The power of the Nexus compelled me to heal faster.
I've sought medical attention in the Nexus.  (Though I'm usually the attention sought.) × I've visited the Dimension of Shrimp. × The Nexus is the tamest place I've ever visited.
The Nexus is populated by sex-crazed maniacs. The Nexus is my kink. Someone I love also visits the Nexus.
Someone I hate visits the Nexus. × Most of my interaction with the Nexus is by text. × I've been abducted in the Nexus.  (Not yet, thank god. Various New Yorks, on the other hand....)
× I've never been Nexus LOL'ed. There's somone I'm hoping will get LOL'ed. This meme made me think about the Nexus far too much.

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