Ockette (ockette) wrote,

A day late, but that's the mun's fault.

For Otto, Clair got a great many books, and all the little things she knew he wanted for her lab.   That this involved taking him for a Christmas Day heist at a research facility in New York may have been part of the gift.  They didn't get home until early the morning of the twenty-sixth, both of them laughing and exhilarated, windburnt and picking bits of webbing out of each other's hair.  Which, of course, led to other things.

Angie is well-started on the path of being spoiled rotten, having recieved that morning a quantity of toys best measured in cubic meters.

nosce_te_ipsum8 gets a book that Clair hasn't read in a long time without thinking of him, The Starship and the Canoe.  And a large box of many kinds of loose-leaf tea and Tea for Rosie.

Norman gets a large bag of Clair's candies, including the new varieties.  For Hermes, there's a sacrifice of sweet wine and a bottle of the same, and a few books that Clair hopes he will like.

Eiko recieves another of the bags of candy, and a book of famous mad scientists through (Earth) history, fictional and real.  Isis gets Wizardology.  Clair hopes the magic-user will find it amusing.

For Augie, there's an incredibly comprehensive first aid kit, ready to handle anything from a papercut to full-system electrocution.

For Rassilon, for Clair's own reasons, she got the Sandman books.  Finding them over the summer was a bit jarring, but she's enjoyed them.  Also, more teas.

Doctor the Eighth recieves an invitation to tea. 

Pants gets socks.  Thick, warm, luxuriously fluffy socks.  Because he probably needs them.  Also, a few catnip toys and treats for Mister.

In the Dreaming, Clair has left many improbable cookies and a note.  She hasn't spoken with the Dream King she knows in too long.

Many others get  a card with Angie's handprint on the cover, and cookies with a tag saying that they were made by Inky.
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