Ockette (ockette) wrote,

Private notes on the status of Clair's two remaining test subjects.

Malloway is beginning to develop an insensitivity to the ZJ, I think.  This merits more testing, but it's not promising.  He has recieved the equivelant of more than two hundred doses in eighteen months.  He no longer responds to stimulous at all, but I believe his coma is still reversible.  But that would be cruel.

Jacobs is awake, and I've moved him into Cell 1.  I'm working on his memory, to see if full or partial restoration is possible.  Parker Osborn's results were less than optimal, but circumstances are different.  I'll begin with sensory associations, see if I can get anywhere by being a bit sneaky about it.  He has strong associations with the scent of cedar, I'll begin there.
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