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Observations of a small terrorist.


Sages of Chaos is romantically chaotic love.

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Art by mark_i_am

Dr. Clair Holmes is a fictional character, from an rp/fic which can be read here (I) and here (II) and here (III). She is affiliated with Dr. Octavius, aka Doctor Octopus ((c) Marvel).

Born Clair Watson (no relation to Mary-Jane), Clair was a grad student about to acheive her degree in neurology when Ock (following the events of Countdown) kidnapped her, intending to use her research to reverse the neural degradation that was threatening his life and sanity. She aided him, and he released her.

Six years later, he found her again despite the efforts of the Witness Protection Agency. She cured him once again, and found herself unwilling to see him leave her life a second time. She gave up her career as a prominant neurosurgeon to return with him to New York City, and join him in a life of crime. But such a life is not pretty. After less than two years, they were both arrested, and Clair was convicted of bioterrorism and thrown into prison, under the auspices of one who wished them both harm. When they escaped sixteen months later, both Otto and Clair had gone through hell, and were irrevocably changed. And so you meet them now...

((OOC flavin. If Clair has you friended and you don't know why, it's probably because her friends-list is the flist that her mun, i_id most regularly watches. I play a lot of characters. A (Hopefully) complete list can be found here.))